The Golden Apple

by lance1 on June 20, 2013

The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple restaurant, Lozenetz. A neighbourhood restaurant — the sort of place you would imagine stumbling across in London — probably Hampstead, or Barnes. Possibly Chiswick.

But it’s Sofia in summer and the sunshine is slowing everyone down, including me.

The Golden Apple interior

The Golden Apple's upper dining area

It’s early evening and its been a long day. Me and the girlfriend are starving. I pass the restaurant by on the one way street, searching to find a parking place here.  No matter, around the block we drive. Parked up, and by 7.30pm we were entering The Golden Apple.

Expectations are high.

Calamari on mash potato


First impressions

Through the front door.


The decor is like in house style. Smooth lines. As soft as the evening light.

The smiling waitress showed us a choice in tables. It was the feminine touches that my partner remarked upon. The pretty flower wallpaper and the placing of a cloth flower on each table that screamed romance. A first date here would start matters off well. The touches of Burberry style pattern on the chairs and tables contributed to an interior full of thought.

A welcoming first impression.



Fresh salad with grilled beef filet (9.90 lv)

The fresh salad with grilled beef fillet had everything in a parmesan basket. The parmesan basket is not just a popular “cheffy” touch, it really worked. Beef was tender and rucola peppery. All good.

The Mediterranean calamari (10.90lv) interesting and delicate and delicately flavoured. The calamari resting on the mash potato made this starter one I can recommend.

Octopus skewer on tomato sauce

Then it was octopus with a tomato sauce. The sliced octopus was on a rosemary skewer. The tomato sauce was great, to my taste the octopus needed a little less cooking.


Main course

The beef pepper steak (23.90 lv) came with little grilled zucchini (courgettes) with carrots and spinach inside, herb potatoes. All fine. The pepper and mushroom  sauce seemed a little thick.

Steak with pepper sauce

The steak however arrived “medium to well done”. I realised that on ordering I did not say I prefer my steak “rare” and I guess I should be to blame for not specifying.

But I will make this note that, typically, Bulgarian tastes are for steak much more cooked than the French or the Italians. For me, the extra cooking time makes meat less tender.

No matter, the flavour was very good.



The strawberry creme brulee showed off some sound cooking skills.

Creme Brulee

A nice burn on the top and fresh strawberries underneath this was one of the best of its kind I have tried in Sofia. Beautifully presented, just like all the dishes so far.

A special mention for stocking half bottles of wine. The Logodaj was well priced and overall, with the provision of tap water this is a restaurant that punches above its weight and meant a reasonable final bill. The professional and discreet service was maintained throughout the meal.

I will be back for more. With a little more attention to the cooking timing, The Golden Apple experience could reach new heights. I recommend it overall.

Great for a date, business dinner, or just a nice evening out with friends. Both the music and service are discrete.  The atmosphere is welcoming and conducive to making you feel at home. For me, it was a really great change from the too “modern” big restaurants so popular in Sofia.


The Golden Apple

37 Tzvetna Gradina Street, Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 884 165 652



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