BeSo Sofia

by lance1 on November 2, 2011

BeSo restaurant, in Buxton has been my local for some time. Always popular and a place to be seen in. So I confess I do enjoy admiring some nicely turned out ladies. But this display they competes with the shiny new Audis, Mercedes, BMW’s  in the handily on display car park. All heads turn when a new one roles up. Some more surrepticiously than others, but none the less, I see all the guys an many a lady’s eye drift to the smart new cars as they waft past.


Seating in a setting that makes you want to

Sushi first

The first thing I notice are the generally cheerful staff — some of whom look as if they maybe auditioning for a modelling career.

But it’s the Japanese waitress in traditional outfit steals the show. A class act.

She may well bring your sushi. So this review is made after so many visits and, as expected, there are some things to avoid. The main one being risotto. Just not right, and overly salted.

A good risotto takes around forty minutes of continuous stirring to properly cook. BeSo’s version either lacks of techique or the risotto rice is not right. I would welsome feedback on this view. But until I have had their feedback that they have fixed this problem I would say you are best avoiding this one dish.

The winners are the sushi and the salads. Especially the chicken salad with pomegranite and parmesan.


As a place to be, and to be seen in, this is up there with the finest. Expect to pay 20 lev per person for a starter and main course. Sushi items will bump up the bill. Wine list includes organic, but not yet tried.


Food:           15/20

Service:      16/20

Ambiance:  17/20

Overall:      16/20





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