Osteria da Rado the Italian place with passion

by lance1 on March 24, 2013

Sofia restaurant

Osteria sa Rado: Pasta with ceps

Osteria da Rado is now home to my favourite pizza is Sofia and some of the best Italian cooking to be found here in Bulgaria’s capital.

Rado, the owner, is not just a fascinating and gregarious gentleman, he shares his passion like no other.

Handmade all the way: Rado in action

Read on for more about Rado, his background, his passion and the food.


Rado, the inspiration

Rado spent many years working in Italy. ¬†Ok so this is one thing — but having your whole DNA changed from Bulgarian to Italian is quite another thing.

Real mozarella

Rado, so refreshingly for here in Sofia, understands the importance of the finest ingredients. Real mozzarella, proper Italian flour and so on. So I can now say that if you find better pizza in Bulgaria, then let me know. Whilst I have not been to his place Pizzarado in Varna, I am assured it is of equal quality.

This is the best I have tasted — and by quite a margin.

A simple salad; extra care


The dining experience

But back to Osteria da Rado as a place.

We were given a warm greeting and offered a choice of tables.


Spacious seating tasteful glasses and cutlery. It’s the small details that count. An alternative dining area looks perfect for a more intimate, or private dining occasion. I ordered a little bruschetta to satiate the apetite. Very nice.

Rado explained not only his many awards and role as an international pizza competition judge, but he has partcipated and helped in the start up of many restaurants in Europe — Russia, France and Italy.

Three words sum up Rado… passion, passion, passion.

Wine selection

A refreshing change here with an extensive selections of 200+ wines. Wines are properly stored in temperature controlled cabinets with clear glass doors.

A choice of fine wines from Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Chile and Bulgaria make this a winos destination par excellance.


Pizza for all times

I took a look at the preparation area. Modern pizza ovens, fresh ingredients.

Nothing to hide.

Sofia best pizza

Pizzas ready

So no problem making a small request…

Vegeteranio Pizza

Vegeteranio Pizza: made especially without mozzarella. It was Lent.

…a vegan pizza to exact order.

Delicious, even without the key ingredient of mozzarella.

The Napolitana, like all the pizzas, had a proper crisp base. Tastes fresh. A generous application of the chili and herb olive oils made for s slice of pizza heaven.


Pizza Napolitana



Panna Cotta pudding. Finishing with style

Just to prove that both this, and the real homemade ice cream, are worth leaving space for.


Osteria da Rado

4 Golo Bardo Str. Lozenetz, Sofia

+359 887 872 695




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