Kohinoor Indian Restaurant; Still A Winner in Sofia

by lance1 on June 29, 2014

Onion Bhaji starter

I am a huge fan of Indian food – so much so that I cook it regularly at home. And  that is why I had not checked out the new location of Kohinoor until recently. Curry cravings can however come on unexpected. And that is why a good Indian night out is needed.

Kohinoor is my first choice when in Sofia.

Back to my curry cravings. They struck this weekend.

I was nicely surprised at the new location – 7 Knyaz Boriz St. (near NDK). Got to it quite easily and parked right in front of the restaurant – a real treat in central Sofia.

Chicken Madras

A pretty house in a quiet street, freshly renovated with a beautiful garden area.

The interior is simple and friendly, there are two floors of dining rooms with windows (unlike the old place). The menu and the staff are the same as before, so the experience is consistently good but I think better because of the environment.

There is a separate small dining room and anyway the tables are not crammed close together as they are in virtually all the curry houses in the UK.

Vegetable curry with okra

The new setting makes Kohinoor suitable for all occasions – business dinner, romantic dinner, friends or family.

We chose a light white wine – as our host noted – white and rose go best with Indian food while red clashes with the its richness of flavours.

A proper menu with different meat choices (chicken, lamb, fish) including Tandoori and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. There are also milder dishes for the unexperienced palates.

For starters, we chose a Chana Chat salad (5.50) – chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumbers and spices; the usual Vegetarian Samosa (6.20 lv)  and Pakora (6.50 lv).

Both starters came with a flavoursome mint sauce. We devoured them although we should have left more room for the mains.

Our meat dish choice was my favourite hot Chicken Madras (13.90). The vegetarian option we had was a Bhindi Bhaji (10.90) – okra in a thick tomato and onion sauce.

They come in special candle-lit pots that keep the food warm while we are enjoying our meals and chats.

Of course, accompanied by basmati rice and naans.

Portions are large and we could not eat them all. No waste though as our waiter kindly packed the remains for a takeaway.

Great value for money considering the prices are really reasonable.

There’s little I can say about the quality of the dishes – they are typical just as you would have them in any Indian restaurant in the UK. None of this “Bulgarian” Indian adapted dishes I’ve had in other places in Bulgaria.

No surprise there as I know the Kohinoor chef is Indian and the owner has worked in UK. In fact, I would venture that Kohinoor quality exceeds most of your local curry places.

I enjoyed my dinner tremendously. But an even better testimonial to Kohinoor is the fact that there were 33 Indian regular guests eating there on that night. A special mention to the fine white wine. The Villa Yustina comes highly recommended.

Villa Yustina

All in all, I would say: convenient location, perfect cleanliness, great food, cheap prices.

I noticed they offer home delivery to the whole of Sofia, which comes is handy.

7 Knyaz Boris 1 St.
Phone: 088 253 2541
e-mail: info@kohinoor.bg

Work hours:
Mon – Fri 12:00 – 23:00
Sat – 17:00 – 23:00

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